Fresh Mankai Delivered Live
Fresh Mankai Delivered Live

Fresh Mankai Delivered Live

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One serving (water and plant in sealed bag) of fresh healthy Mankai (Lemna disperma, commonly referred to as Water Lentils, or Duckweed).

We sell live Mankai which you can grow in your own aquaponics setup and / or consumed after being thoroughly washed and prepared in your kitchen.

Mankai contains complete protein with all the essential amino acids, iron, B12, plus other nutrients. It has a neutral taste (think lettuce, only much smaller) and can thus be prepared along with any meal as either a fresh, vibrant, and colourful garnish, or as a stealthy health kick for the fussy, since it would just as easily be hidden in many prepared meals.

To learn more about Mankai, read our page about Duckweed.