Duckweed Live Aquarium Plants For Fish Tank / Pond / Shrimp Tank / Aquarium
Duckweed Live Aquarium Plants For Fish Tank / Pond / Shrimp Tank / Aquarium
Duckweed Live Aquarium Plants For Fish Tank / Pond / Shrimp Tank / Aquarium

Duckweed Live Aquarium Plants For Fish Tank / Pond / Shrimp Tank / Aquarium

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One serving (water and plant in sealed bag) of fresh healthy Duckweed (Lemna disperma).

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Learn about Duckweed

Duckweed is a floating aquatic plant which has the smallest flowers in the world. A native to Australia, Duckweed is an excellent addition to any fish tank, pond, shrimp / betta tank, or aquarium.

Table of contents:

  1. Why choose Duckweed
  2. Growing Duckweed
  3. Keeping Duckweed
  4. How we grow our Duckweed
  5. Is Duckweed edible?
  6. Duckweed nutrition
  7. Have we missed something?

Duckweed (Lemna disperma)

Why choose Duckweed

There are many reasons people choose to keep Duckweed:

  • It is incredibly hardy and will grow in many different water parameters and temperatures

  • It is a “low-tech” plant - meaning it doesn’t require specialist or “high-tech” growing equipment such as expensive lighting and CO2 kits

  • It is an excellent protein food source for herbivorous & omnivorous animals – such as Waterfowl (i.e., Ducks) and others including Fish (including Betta Fish), Turtles, and more

  • When blended into a paste and dried, it can also be fed to Shrimp

  • It provides the perfect escape for fry, frogs, shrimp, and other small animals, and helps all others feel relaxed

  • It can help reduce intense light from reaching the eyes of light sensitive animals, such as the Axolotl

  • It is great for algae control and keeping your water parameters safe, as it consumes waste (nitrate and ammonium) and other harmful chemicals in the water

  • Left untouched, Duckweed will eventually cover the water surface like a blanket, which can be a beautiful effect

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Growing Duckweed

In the right conditions, Duckweed can as much as double over night or the week. So, you don’t need a lot to get started.

Depending on the size of your aquarium or pond, you may wish to purchase more. However, for a small tank (e.g., 36L or Nano) a single serving will be enough to get you started.

Growing Duckweed is simple. You don’t need expensive lighting, CO2, or fertilisers. All you’ll need is a cycled tank or pond with living inhabitants (or other source of natural waste) and any standard lighting, including LED and simple aquarium lighting.

The water current should be calm for best growth. Duckweed can grow if there is movement, but too much may become a problem.

Once Duckweed has established, which again, won’t take long - you can easily net out any excess if you’d like to free up some water surface area.

Keeping Duckweed

Growing Duckweed is simple, and so is keeping it – you just need to be mindful of a couple of things.

First, Duckweed might become stuck to filter inlets or be blown around easily by filter outlets.

So, you should routinely check and free the inlet and you should position the outlet in such a way that it is not directly pushing a strong current at the Duckweed.

Second, Duckweed, if left to “carpet” the full surface area of the water, can cause oxygen deprivation for living inhabitants – and low light for any light dependent plants below.

You should ensure there is still some form of water surface disruption (e.g., an air stone should do the trick) and if there are plants below with high light requirements, you could consider a floating plant ring (you can find these on eBay) to be positioned in such a way that it provides direct light below, by keeping the Duckweed away.

How we grow our Duckweed

We grow our Duckweed in the Southern Highlands using outdoor ponds in a low-tech invasive Aquaponics setting. This might sound exciting, but it basically just means that we dose our Duckweed ponds with LCA Low Tech Complete – a simple but effective liquid fertiliser. We also have a happy team of Guppies which keep our ponds pest free, and in return, they get a beautiful, safe, and stress-free habitat to call home.

Is Duckweed edible?

Duckweed can be eaten by humans – although you should make sure you thoroughly clean your Duckweed before consuming it and ensure you have not used any fertilisers which may be harmful to humans.

Duckweed nutrition

Duckweed contains complete protein with all the essential amino acids, iron, B12, plus other nutrients. It has a neutral taste (think lettuce, only much smaller) and can thus be prepared along with any meal as either a fresh, vibrant, and colourful garnish, or as a stealthy health kick for the fussy, since it would just as easily be hidden in many prepared meals.

Have we missed something?

If there is something else you would like to know that we have missed from this guide, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help!


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